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Monday, 21 December 2015.

The invasion of Canada in 1775 saw the recently created US Continental Army, which launched its first military action in the American Revolutionary War. He also noted the first major defeat of the Americans in the Revolutionary War. The invasion, led by Colonel Benedict Arnold and General Richard Montgomery, was prepared in Quebec City to protect Canadians from British rule. Americans were also hoping to persuade Canadians to join their campaign against England

Events leading to Invasion of Canada in 1775

After the forces led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen took over the Fort Ticonderoga in the spring of 1775, the Americans received information that the British army was created in Canada under Sir Guy Carlton. Because of the American resistance to British rule, they thought that by invading Canada, there would be a rebellion. Through the invasions, they had hoped that British plans of war with the rebel colonies would be broken

With Congressional approval, George Washington authorized the attack on Canada in 1775 under General Philip Schuyler. The offensive was led by Richard Montgomery, stepping on troops with the help of the “Tikodera”

As of the 1775 American invasion of Canada

In addition, under the title “The Battle of Québec” or the Canadian campaign, the invasion of Canada in 1775 began at the end of August, when he was Shuyler led American troops on Lake Champlain and captured St. John’s. However, this battle had a negative effect on the general’s health, forcing him to wait for Montgomery’s strength before further progress

Montgomery and Arnold finally met and joined their troops in early December 1775, outside Quebec, demanding that the city surrender. However, their demands were rejected by the then Governor of Quebec, General Guy Carlton

After the approaching date of the American troops, they continued their movement towards Québec under snow cover on 31 December. As the troops approached the town and surrounded the city, the English were ready and flushed, and flushed between them

Montgomery could not get through the first attack, and after several failed attempts to penetrate the English defenses, his troops turned back

During the defeat of Montgomery, Arnold and his men also shrung a strong fire on the north wall, forcing them to retreat. In addition to the loss of several soldiers, Arnold was also wounded in the leg. His role was perceived by Patriot Daniel Morgan, who continued this attack, but has not yet received reinforcements. As the people of Arnold appeared, the British had reorganized and the patriots were forced to stop the invasion

Arnold and his people would have to remain in fortifs outside the city in the cold and shortage of consumables. Thanks to our colleagues, the reinforcements arrived in the spring, but there were no more orders to continue the invasion

Instead, American troops moved back to Montreal to work with other forces, from where they all went to ensure security. During this time, British troops and Carlton were still in the chase. However, they later decided to return to Montreal after they failed to capture the Americans who survived the struggle

The results and significance of the invasion of Canada in 1775

The greatest impact of the invasion of Canada in 1775 was on the Americans, given their defeat. Of the 1,200 soldiers who took part in the war, more than 400 were taken prisoner, injured or killed. In addition, US troops have lost one of their generals, Montgomery. Colonel Arnold left the battle with a broken leg while Morgan was captured

The losses on the British side were low

The Canadians did not appreciate the revolt against the British, as Americans expected. Canada remained a British colony

The Americans were not well planned for the invasion of Quebec, and this was clearly demonstrated in their rage. In addition, they did not analyse adequately the anti-British sentiment in Canada

However, the actions of Arnold and his people, retreating to Montreal at Champlain, are having a great influence, holding the British army from holding a counterattack to 1777

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